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Strangers are just friends who have never met. The greatest successes in life come from relationships and friendships. Life is a beautiful, painful, exciting and diverse experience. Be part of the journey.


Waves of Goodness

You are an influence for good. Like a ripple of water, it expands outward—connecting, adding, growing. See where it goes.



You have goals. We help you focus your vision and maximize your decisions. From real estate and business investment to training management and mediation. We’re the business coach you’ve been looking for.


Financial Principles of Christ

The world is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Financial Principles of Christ will help you understand how to develop a healthy approach toward money, the right way to improve your financial circumstances and how you can use it to serve your neighbors.


Accountable Life Coaching

Do you need help changing your life from one of disappointment to one of hope and joy? Allen has spent decades helping people transform their lives. Come find healing and purpose.